Charcuterie Papille

Originating in 1957 as a small butcher shop and deli manufacture at the Jean-Talon Market,
Antonio Le Donne Senior started making home-made deli, and once his son Tony joined the family business, he soon became a charcuterie expert like his father before him. They began distributing locally in 1991 as a division of Capitol and eventually grew large enough where, in 1992, Les Charcuteries Papille was born. A handul of key elements guided the business then, and continues till this day. 

- A focus on the quality and integrity of all products. 

- The use of leaner cuts of meat so that it's clients can be offered the best/healthiest products for their friends and family.

- Innovation and adaptation to current markets and demand.

- A passion and dedication for true deli, in all its forms

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