Fratelli Galloni

     A single product company for over 50 years, Fratelli Galloni is considered by many Prosciutto lovers as the best prosciutto in the world. Making nothing but Parma hams, Fratelli Galloni have become a household name in Italy, where 70% of there annual volume is done, a figure representing over 300,000 hams.


     Produced exclusively in a hilly area in the province of Parma, these hams must respect vigorous constraints to be considered true Prosciutto di Parma. Geography and dedication to ancient production methods keep Fratelli Galloni as market leaders:

- Air blowing from the sea downhill to the hams creating perfect drying conditions

- 100% Italian hogs, nourished with wild cereal crops and leftover Parmesan whey 

- Natural sulphur-rich spring water will reduce the salt needed during drying

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