Preserved Vegetables

Food preservation is a concept as old a civilization itself. It started with the simple drying of meat, and has made massive advances in modern times with canning and other techniques. Where before this was done out of necessity, now it is done for either convenience, or as a method to add flavor to a product, for example, sundried tomatoes in seasoned oil. Enjoy our line of mediterranean inspired preserved vegetables, to help you create a delicious meal. 

Martelli Chick Peas

398ml - 34921

Martelli Cannellini Beans

398ml - 34922

Martelli Capers

105ml- 34926

Martelli Garlic Cloves

212ml - 34925

Martelli Sundried Tomato

314ml - 34946

Martelli Hot Sliced Peppers

500ml - 34948

Martelli Capers in Salt

75ml - 34928

Martelli Roasted Red Peppers

500ml - 34947

Martelli Capucine Capers

105ml - 34927

Martelli Calabrese Antipasti

314ml - 34964

Martelli Lentils

398ml - 34924

Martelli Hot Sliced Peppers

314ml - 34963

Martelli Peaches in Syrup

580ml - 34937

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