Originating in Western China, tea was once only drank for medicinal purposes. It was then brought to Europe by Portugese tradesmen, and made truly popular by the English. Now it has become a worldwide staple, holding the number 2 spot for most consumed beverage, second only to water. 

Coming in a variety of flavor profiles and caffeine levels, no matter your tastebuds, there is a tea for you. 

Papille carries only whole leaf teas, not mulches of their former glory. This allows the consumer to enjoy the flavor of the tea, as it is supposed to be.

 Dammann Tea

Blue Garden (F.S.)

24ct - 79003

Dammann Tea

Breakfast (F.S.)

24ct - 79005

Dammann Tea

Ceylan O.P. (F.S.)

24ct - 79006

Dammann Tea

Darjeeling (F.S.)

24ct - 79007

Dammann Tea

Earl Grey Yin Zhen (F.S.)

24ct - 79008

Dammann Tea

4 Red Fruits (F.S.)

24ct - 79013

Dammann Tea

Ceylon Decaffeinated

24ct - 79014

Dammann Tea

Green with Mint

24ct - 79017

Dammann Tea

 Camomille Tisane

24ct- 79022

Dammann Tea

Gout Russe

24ct - 90004

Dammann Tea


24ct - 79018

Dammann Tea 

 Rooibos Citrus

24ct - 79026

Dammann Tea


24ct - 79046

Dammann Tea

Green with Gunpowder

24ct - 79019

Dammann Tea


24ct - 79038

Dammann Tea


24ct - 79047

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