Rosette de Lyon

Widely considered to be the culinary capital of France, Lyon has given many gifts to the world of gastronomy. Arguably, its most memorable amongst them is the Rosette de Lyon. Made with nothing but pork and spices, this delicious dry sausage can be enjoyed alone, on a deli platter, or heated in a dish, which the Lyonnais refer to as "saucisson chaud". We have adapted our version of the honorable Rosette de Lyon to our North American market by using lean cuts of pork shoulder instead of the various, often offal-like, peices used in France. This allows us to offer a product which is true to its Lyonnais roots in terms of flavor and quality, while at the same time being welcoming to the North American diet. 

Classic Rosette de Lyon

300g - 90005

Black Pepper Rosette de Lyon

300g - 90001

White Wine Rosette de Lyon

300g - 90008

Hot Pepper Rosette de Lyon

300g - 90002

Beer Rosette de Lyon

300g - 90010

Red Wine Rosette de Lyon

300g - 90007

Cajun Rosette de Lyon

300g - 90015

Fine Herb Rosette de Lyon

300g - 90003

Chorizo Style Rosette de Lyon

300g - 90012

Fine Rosette de Lyon

175g - 90006

Green Pepper Rosette de Lyon

300g - 90011

Habanero Rosette de Lyon

300g - 90017

Sun-Dried Tomato Rosette de Lyon

300g - 90019

Parmesan Rosette de Lyon

300g - 90004

Gourmet Pepperoni

300g - 90021

Salametti Toscano

300g - 16203

Large Parmesan

Rosette de Lyon

300g - 91004

Catalonian Fuet

300g - 90004

Salametti Genoa

300g - 16201

Large Classic Rosette de Lyon

1kg - 91005

Spanish Salchichon

300g - 90020

Salametti Calabrese

300g - 16202

Large Black Pepper

Rosette de Lyon

1kg - 91004

Large Chorizo Style

 Rosette de Lyon

300g - 91012

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