Imported Charcuterie

Canada has definetly come a long way when it comes to recreating the classics of Europe, and charcuterie is no exception. With this said, nothing can quite compare with a thin slice of parma ham and melon, a peice of serrano and bread, or the aroma of wild italian fennel in a salami. Enjoy and endulge in our offering of imported charcuterie from Spain, Italy, and beyond.

Redondo Iglesias (15 month)

Serrano Ham (Deli Loaf)

4.5kg - 12201

Redondo Iglesias (15 month)

Serrano Ham (Traditional)

4.8kg - 12202

Redondo Iglesias (24 month)

Serrano Ham (La Nava)

4.7kg - 12203

Redondo Iglesias

Sliced La Nava Ham

60g - 12207

Redondo Iglesias

Sliced Acorn Iberico Bellota

60g - 12208

Redondo Iglesias

Sliced Serrano Ham

100g - 12206

Redondo Iglesias (24 month)

Serrano Shoulder (La Nava)

2.05kg - 12204

Redondo Iglesias (36 month)

Acorn Shoulder Shoulder 

(Finca Los Llanos)

2.4kg - 12205

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