Specialty Salt

Imported from the coasts of beautiful Sicily, our salts are quality from start to finish. Ranging from classic coarse or fine salts, to delicious aromatized salts, we have exactly what you need. Turn a boring meal into something special with the addition of one of our exciting aromatized salts. Just a pinch of these intensely flavored salts will do to turn any dish into a masterpeice. Give your tastebuds a ride on the flavor side. 

Papille Fine Sea Salt

750g - 93600

Papille Coarse Sea Salt

750g - 93601

Papille Lemongrass and Pink Peppercorn Salt

145g - 93602

Papille Spanish

Paprika Salt

145g - 93604

Papille Orange and

Fennel Salt

145g - 93603

Papille Herbes de Provence Salt

145g - 93607

Papille White

Truffle Salt

145g - 993609

Papille Tomato and

Basil Salt

145g - 93606

Papille Roasted

Garlic Salt

145g - 93608

Papille Szechuan Peppercorn and Star Anise Salt

145g - 93605

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