Typically associated with Mediterranean culture and cuisine, and generally a staple ingredient to any meal, olives are loved and consumed by nearly everyone. Bitter, sweet, rich and full of umami, the incorporation of an olive to a dish oftentimes elevates that dish to something more than the sum of its parts. This is something which has been done since ancient times. Fossil records of the olive tree date back up to 40 million years ago in some parts of Italy. Having spread to the Americas in the 1500's by European explorers, olives have been grown with success in the new world ever since. 

Let Papille help you elevate your next meal or deli platter with some of the best the world has to offer...

Pitted Kalamata Olives

3L - 73000

Kalamata Olives

3L - 73001

Mediterranean Olive Mix

3L - 73002

Picholine Olives

3L - 73004

Nicoise Olives

3L - 73003

Green Cerignola Olives

4.3L - 73007

Red Cerignola Olives

4.3L - 73009

Calabrese Olives

3L - 73006

Black Cerignola Olives

4.3L - 73008

Gaeta Olives

300g - 90015

French Medley Olives

3L - 73013

Marinated Green Olives

3L - 73012

Thassos "Infornata" Olives

3L - 73011

Black Taggiasca Olives

3L - 73010

Grilled Artichokes With Stem

1.5L - 73014

Artichoke Hearts With Olive Oil

1.5L - 73015

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