Dating back to ancient Roman times, pesto has been a staple in italian cuisine. It was loved due to its simplicity, utility and deliciousness. But what makes a true pesto. Simple. Nuts, Olive Oil, Cheese, Garlic and ingredient X. Ingredient X can be whatever you like, from the classic basil, to the exotic artichoke.  Arguably, pesto is best enjoyed served as a seasoning for pasta, however modern cooking has taken this family favourite to new heights. Now pesto can be seen used as a marinade, as a dip, as a dressing, or as a spread in your favourite sandwhich. Discover our line of pestos and share your pesto ideas with friends and family today!

Martelli Arugula Pesto

212ml - 34940

Martelli Genovese Pesto

212ml - 34942

Martelli Sicilian Pesto

212ml - 34941

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