Gluten Free Pasta

With Celiac disease becoming an ever more present sickness to which people are diagnosed, gluten free options are more and more relevant for consumers. With some studies supporting data which links a gluten rich diet to a variety of health problems, a sudden bend towards gluten free products was inevitable.  Pasta is no exception to this. Made from a blend of rice, corn and quinoa flour, our gluten free pasta is much more comparable in flavor and texture to traditional pasta than other types of gluten free pasta. Fool your family today!

Gluten Free Annellini

500g - 34468

Gluten Free Fusillone

500g - 34469

Gluten Free Penne

500g - 34470

Gluten Free Spaghetti

500g - 34472

Gluten Free Casarecce

500g - 34471

Gluten Free Linguine

500g - 34475

Gluten Free Mafalda Corta

500g - 34474

Gluten Free Gnocco Sardo

500g - 34473

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