Stuffed Pasta

With origins stemming from all over the world including China, France, Africa and many Arab nations, no one has been named the inventor of pasta. Not a nation, or a person. However, we know that it was in fact the italians that brought it to the level of refinement and popularity it is today. As with all pasta dishes, it is the pasta, and not the sauce, which should be the star of the dish. In some occasions this is a challenge. Our stuffed pasta makes it real easy. Enjoy simply boiled with salt and seasoned with olive oil, or cooked in a tomato or stock based sauce. Buon Appetito!

Garofalo Ricotta and Sicilian Lemon Girasole

230g - 34501

Garofalo Ricotta, Porcini and Truffle Mezzeluna

230g - 34502

Garofalo Grilled Vegetable Girasoli

230g - 34503

Garofalo Ricotta, Provolone and Marjoram Girasoli

230g - 34504

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