Fresh Sausage

What makes a good sausage? Is it the meat? The spices? The craftsmanship of the individual making it? It's definitely all of these things in combination. We use the same philosophy when making our fresh sausage as we do when we make our dry cured products, and that is one which puts emphasis on quality, at every stage of production. 100% pure pork shoulder is used as a base, with a blend of top quality herbs an spices. No breadcrumbs, no water, no preservatives, only real food. We want our products to not only be delicious, but also accessible by all, which is why we are proud to say that our sausages are made without any gluten or major allergens. Indulge!

Mild Cipollata Sausage

400g/3kg - 19501

Hot Cipollata Sausage

400g/3kg - 19502

Hot Italian Sausage

400g/3kg - 19503

Mild Italian Sausage

400g/3kg - 19504

Merguez Sausage

400g/3kg - 19509

Chorizo Sausage

400g/3kg - 19511

Shallot and White Wine Sausage

400g/3kg - 19512

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