Oils and Vinegars

There are oils and vinegars for any application. Frying, marinating, pickling, seasoning, sauteeing, stewing, and anything else we can thnk of. Our olive oils are true italian imports, extra virgin from the first cold press. Our balsamics have no added caramel, colors, flavors, or thickeners. Our wine vinegars are amongst the worlds finest, each aged in their respective wooden barrels for a perfect flavor and aroma. Whether it be your favorite salad, your grilled vegetables, or even your vanilla icecream, we are sure to have an oil or vinegar perfect for you. 

Fattoria Estense 15yr Balsamic

Opera Bottle

250ml - 66001

Fattoria Estense 10yr Balsamic

Farmacia Bottle

250ml - 66009

Fattoria Estense 12yr Balsamic

Cubica Bottle

250ml - 66010

Fattoria Estense 6yr

500ml - 66072

Fattoria Estense 8yr

Viola Bottle

250ml- 66200

Fattoria Estense 10yr

Octogon Bottle

250ml - 66300

Fattoria Estense 10yr

Palla Bottle

250ml - 66358

Fattoria Estense DecoCream

250ml - 66404

Fattoria Estense Vinaigre Blanc

500ml - 66503

Fattoria Estense 8yr

Primula Bottle

250ml - 66201

Fattoria Estense 12yr

Opera Bottle

250ml - 66317

Fattoria Estense 12yr

100ml - 66400

Fattoria Estense Organic

250ml - 66405

Fattoria Estense 6yr

1L - 66270

Fattoria Estense Condiment

500ml - 66357

Fattoria Estense 25yr

66401 - 90021

Fattoria Estense Vinaigre Rouge

500ml - 66502

Giovanna Pavarotti 8yr Balsamic

500ml - 66601

Giovanna Pavarotti 12yr Balsamic

250ml - 66603

Giovanna Pavarotti 10yr Balsamic

250ml - 66602

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