Fattoria Estense

Seasoning a salad? Marinating some lamb? Elevating your vanilla icecream? These are all good situations to use Fattoria Estense or Giovanna Pavarotti Balsamic Vinegar.

Ranging from 6 year to 25 year maturity, these balsamics are truly authentic.

Having obtained the Protected Geographical Indication status from the European Union in 2009, Fattoria Estense and Giovanna Pavarotti products are now protected from competitors who would falsely claim authenticity and quality.  

This new status, however, also came with a responsibility to adhear to a certain set of norms relevant to labeling. Years of maturity were no longer able to be put on labels and have therefore been replaced with color coding. Bronze refers to an 8 year old balsamic, silver to a 10 year old, and gold to a 12 year old. 

To better understand these different products, experiment with them in your kitchen and find out which of your favourite dishes can be elevated with a touch of Fattoria Estense or Giovanna Pavarotti vinegars. 

Giovanna Pavarotti

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