Dry Cured Sausage and Charcuterie

Coming from all regions of the world, dry cured sausage comes in many forms. We classify ours as dry cured sausages which can be eaten straight, in other words, without the need to slice or peal the product. As with all our products, and as has become to be expected from Papille, we are proud to say that only the best raw materials are used in our dry cured sausages. Delicious as snacks on the go, or on a charcuterie platter to start a long delicious meal, our dry cured sausages are as delicious as they are versatile. Just be sure to share!

Mild Cacciatore

200g - 92210

Spicy Cacciatore

200g - 92211

Auvergne Sausage

200g - 17703

Arles Sausage

200g - 17704

Chorizo Sausage

200g - 17713

Mild Candle 

200g - 90200

Spicy Candle 

200g - 90201

Chorizo Candle

200g - 90202

Aged Cheddar Candle

200g - 90204

Parmesan and Roasted Pepper Candle

200g - 90209

Papille Prosciutto

5kg - 92000

Mild Genoa Salami

1kg - 92200

Spicy Calabrese Sopressata

1kg - 92203

French Style Jura Ham

5kg - 92104

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