Crackers and Crisps

Crackers and crisps come in a ton of shapes and sizes. Any foodie whos worth his/her weight in salt knows that the true purpose of crackers and crisps (other than being delicious snacks) is to be used as a vehicle for something else delicious.

Bruschetta? Check. Tapenade? Check. Chocolate Spread? Check. Rosette de Lyon? Check. I can go on... Use your imagination and create delicious flavor and texture combinations that can be savoured in one perfect bite. 

Sabine;s Garlic, Chive and Parsley Baguette Crisps

127g - 55000

Sabine's Cinnamon and Raisin Baguette Crisps

127g - 55001

Sabine's Bavarian Rye and Honey Baguette Crisps

127g - 55002

Sabine's Eight Grain

Baguette Crisps

127g - 55003

Sabine's Jalapeno and

Cheddar Baguette Crisps

127g - 55005

Sabine's Baguette Crisps Display


Sabine's Rosemary

Baguette Crisps

127g - 55006

Sabine's Olive Oil and Sea

Salt Baguette Crisps

127g - 55004

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