Starting his business in 1911, Ezechiello had a dream. The dream to own his own deli meats factory. This factory would focus on quality and taste, never allowing compromise to cross his threshold.

Although Levoni always made their products with meat sourced locally, in 2016 they created the

"ENTIRELY MADE IN ITALY" brand was born to certify that over 300 Levoni-branded deli meats are obtained from pigs born, bred and processed in Italy.


A strong, innovative commitment that with that "Entirely” goes far beyond what is required by the legislation to define a "Made in Italy" product.

Together with the greatest Italian flavourists, they have developed the best mixtures of spices fully respecting the traditional recipes of the different Italian regions. The finest spices, their daily grinding and the use of the best natural flavourings are a key part of their creations of excellence.

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