Stuffed risotta balls, coated with bread crumbs and then deep fried. What's not to like? Originating hundreds of years ago in italy, our arancini hold true to tradition by making them the same way they have been made for countless generations. Simple, good food. All natural. No additives. No Preservatives. Just like nonna used to make. Enjoy as a part of a complete meal to replace rice or potatoes, or by itself as a delicious finger-food snack on the go!

Sicilian Arancini

4 x 150g

600g - 32000

Margherita Arancini

4 x 150g

600g - 32001

Mini Cheese and

Spinach Arancini 10 x 50g

500g - 32002

Mini Margherita

Arancini 10 x 50g

500g - 32003

Mini Porcini and Marsala Arancini 10 x 50g

500g - 32004

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